portfolio: The Cine Eye

branding / website / print / video content

Through our involvement in the BSC Expo (British Society of Cinematographers), and our experience in other industry sectors of producing video content, we have started a new platform called The Cine Eye. This consists of news and interviews from the cinematography and production world, covering equipment, services for the film and TV production industry, and the people behind them.

The aim is to cover worldwide trade shows and events dedicated to high end cinematography through extensive video interviews filmed at the events. The online presence includes the website, email newsletters, social media and our Youtube channel. Our first event was in Munich in October at Cinec 2018.

We recorded twenty nine video interviews with a great range of equipment manufacturers and cinematographers at Cinec. Response has been great and the content has been shared via the British Cinematographer magazine and the BSC Expo. We are just embarking on the social media presence and building content on the website.

Some of the video interviews produced at Cinec 2018




The Strategy

Whilst we could have produced the video interviews at Cinec 2018 as a one off project, we realised that a far larger audience could be reached by creating a brand that will connect these different trade shows. By having one youtube channel we will gain more subscribers with every event, for our sponsors this means a wider audience for their message from the get-go. 

Likewise, having one website to connect them all builds a larger audience, and audience that we can keep engaged by posting industry news and trailing the upcoming content we will produce.

By running a long term project such as this we gain a greater insight into the day to day issues that affect a site owner – it is one thing having a site that looks great, but can it grow and develop with your business? Is it easy for you to manage, and cost effective to run?