Fairstead House Open Event

6th October 2023

Welcome to fairstead house

Day School and Nursery

A unique independent day school for girls and boys aged 1 to 11 years
in the heart of Newmarket, on the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire border

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Michael Radford


life at fairstead school
what makes fiirstead special

Extra Curricular

Trips, Activities and Clubs

Music and the Arts


Our educational Values

fairstead house

Prep School

The Preparatory School is made up of the following departments.
Pre-prep   Reception, Years 1 – 2
Prep          Years 3 – 6

In both Pre-prep and Prep, each child is placed in a form where the teacher is responsible for day-to-day pastoral care as well as the academic progress of the children. Classes are small, and children in the Pre- prep have the benefit of a full-time learning support assistant in addition to the class teacher, enabling each child to receive individual help and attention. In the Preparatory School, learning support assistants provide help on a targeted basis when required.

Close contact between staff and parents is important at all times and parents are encouraged to meet and discuss with form teachers issues and celebrations as and when they arise. More formal Parents’ Evenings are held each term. In October, immediately before half term, a ‘settling-in’ evening is held so parents may meet with staff to discuss how their child is settling into their new class.

fairstead house


Nestled in the School grounds, our purpose built Nursery provides bespoke care and nurture all year round in a ‘home from home’, cosy but stimulating environment.


Find Out More

We are extremely proud of our high academic standards, our superb pastoral care and the happy, enriching environment we provide for our children. Feel free to contact us to find out more and arrange a tour or to attand one of our open days.


Contact the Registrar:

01638 662 318